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Hawayo Takata herself applied Reiki to sufferers for many years and when she was in her seventies she started teaching young men the art of Reiki . When she died on December 11, 1980, she had left many Reiki masters in the US and Canada.

A few months before Hawayo Takata died, Hawayo Takata and some of the Reiki masters founded the American Reiki Association to organize and co-ordi­nate the passing on of the knowledge.

Today there are two organizations in the US which have succeeded the first -The American International Reiki Association Inc (Now called T: R. T. A. I.) and The Reiki Alliance.

The Reiki Alliance was founded by Phyllis Lee Furumoto, grand daughter of the former Grand Mastw, and many Reiki Masters in 1981. It was founded as a non-profit body. It had enrolled about 100 Reiki Masters as its members by 1987. Most of them had been trained by Hawayo Takata. The alliance has a spiritual approach in spreading Reiki. It holds that Truth goes straight to the heart of those open to it.

The American International Reiki Association Inc was established in 1982 by one Dr. Barbara Weber Ray. Dr. Ray had also been trained by Hawaya Tataka to spread the knowledge. The A. I. R. A. deals in research into scientific aspects of Reiki mostly. It has founded a Reiki documentation center and holds conferences, symposiums and exhibitions, etc. It also undertakes teaching to teachers.

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