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Reiki hand position and placement to treat the different illness on human body.


Reiki treatment Hands Placement and positions

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Hand placement in the body treatment has its own importance. The hands should be placed on the indicated parts of the body. It may be the right or the left hand. It will not make any difference as Reiki is non-polar energy. Clothes or plasters do not hinder the energy flow, but if one has to have direct body contact, he has to remove such obstacles. But hands should not be placed on open wounds, boils, etc. They should be a few inches above the reflex zones. In fact the more the distance the greater is the effectiveness of the treatment.

It will be useful to study different types of positions in the whole body treatment and their effect on the bodies to achieve better results.

There are positions with direct function. That means the hands are laid above the liver or held over a specific chakra to cover its energy field. There are positions with indirect function.

Here follow examples of the various Reiki positions and the specific organs in the body the individual positions act on.

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