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Rose quartz crystal for Reiki Treatment

Reiki  Crystal Reiki Crystal rose Quartz

Rose Quartz used for deep release

For Reiki work one can use rose quartz crystal. This is related to the loving quality of the heart chakra. Deep healing is achieved through the energy coming from there. The pink light from it gently reminds the energy bound up in blockages of the love that awaits it, thus raising it to the surface of consciousness. That is why rose quartz crystals is used for the deep release of blockages and for healing physical and emotional problems.

Rose Quartz heals the pain and traumas

This quartz heals the pains of separation and the resulting traumas. Rose quartz works well with people who often complain about life and regret that they would have liked to do a lot of things differently. These statements reflect their acceptance of some hidden parts of their personality, which they could not release through loving acceptance, and are, therefore, unable to harmoniously integrate them into the whole.

Rose Quartz heals the unconscious rejection

Dogmatic people, who reject healthy sexuality or health and aggres­sion and those who reject their bodies and certain desires, and also people who condemn other people just because they have ideas different from their own, may also benefit from vibrations of this crystal. Lf before or during whole body treatment one places a rose quartz on the heart chakra or on chakras representing the special qualities that your client unconsciously rejects. they will help him to accept the respective energy now being released.

Rose Quartz vibration induce the quality of forgiveness

If there is anxiety during or after a Reiki session, rose quatrz placed on one or both hands of the client would help. That will make him to come to terms with and forgive himself. Even several quartz crystals can be placed on to his hand. If during the meditations one uses rose quartz instead of rock crystals it will support one in accepting both one self and others with all rough edges, faults and weaknesses, so that one does not get angry about the "imperfections of the world". Instead of intoning the mantra OM audibly or silently. he may also work with affirmations such as "I accept myself as I am !", or "God loves me as I am !"

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